Part III of
"The Angst in the Sanctuary Trilogy"

Don't let the title mislead you... The "How Did You Die?" Show is an artistic and literary prance through life's joys and trials. The fifty-one images tell stories of passion and of love and minds lost.

This is a thought provoking journey through disparate cemetery scapes, presenting fantastical and evocative accounts of each character's experience - as well as illustrating how a stapler can be used as a deadly weapon.


Artist’s Statement

"Predominantly, my work illustrates the average person’s alter ego navigating the horrors of employment, the volatile nature of love, and the fragility of the human spirit.  It has always been extremely important to me to expose the realities of the under-paid, the under-appreciated, and especially, the under-utilized."

Lisa-Scarlett Cruji 

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